HOI Programs

Supportive Services:

Our supportive services help low-income individuals and recieving housing assistance from the Housing Authority of the County of Salt Lake. The people we help include single parents, at-risk youth, people with disabilities, senior citizens, people overcoming homelessness, and families in need. Our services empower youth to achieve in school and stay away from drugs and violence, enable people with disabilites to maintain independant living, enrich the lives of seniors, help people overcoming homeless make a positive transition into housing, and teach parents the tools they need to gain economic stability. Please click here for more information about the services we provide.

Affordable Housing:

Grace Mary Manor

In February 2008, Housing Opportunities, Inc. and the Housing Authority of the County of Salt Lake joined the community in celebrating the completion of a new permanent supportive housing community for people overcoming homelessness. The project is called “Grace Mary Manor” and offers 84 formerly homeless men and women a place to call home. Grace Mary Manor is named after the late Grace Mary Ivers Gallivan, who dedicated much of her life to serving community needs through volunteer work at serveral social services agencies. Mrs. Gallivan also co-founded The Crusade for the Homeless Foundation with her husband Jack. Please click here for more information about Grace Mary Manor.

Kelly Benson Apartments

Housing Opportunites, Inc. and the Housing Authority of the County of Salt Lake are pleased to re-team in another permanent supportive housing project called the “Kelly Benson Apartments.” These apartments will offer 70 low-income seniors a place to age with dignity, access much needed services, and the ability to reconnect with the community. The Kelly Benson Apartments are named after Kelly Benson, a leading community advocate for the housing rights of low-income individuals with mental illness.  A Groundbreaking celebration for the Kelly Benson Apartments was held in November 2007.