Initial Inspections

A Housing Quality Standards inspection is required to lease any property on the Section 8 Program.
The Inspections Department will make arrangements with the landlord to schedule the inspection within 7 to 10 days business days after the completed and approved Request for Tenancy ApprovalĀ  is received. The Inspection process takes approximately one hour.

The landlord and the family must be present at the time of inspection. Signatures of both parties are obtained when the unit passes inspection.

The Leases and Housing Assistance Payments Contract are effective after the unit passes the inspection, meets rent reasonableness, and signatures are obtained.

If the unit does not pass inspection, a re-inspection of the unit will be scheduled after necessary repairs are made. The repairs must be completed in 30 days. The re-inspection can delay the effective date of the Lease. Should the unit fail a second time; the unit will be considered unsuitable. The family must submit a new RFTA for a different unit, as long as the family’s voucher has not expired. If the voucher expires, the family is cancelled from the Program.