Portability means to transfer the family’s Section 8 assistance from one housing authority to another. In order to qualify transferring the family’s assistance, the family must have lived in Salt Lake County for twelve (12) straight months prior to receiving their Section 8 assistance from the Housing Authority of the County of Salt Lake (HACSL). If the family has moved to another city before receiving their Section 8 assistance, the family is not qualified to transfer. The family will have to provide HACSL with proof that the family has been a resident of Salt Lake County before they can transfer their assistance. A current bill, such as, a phone bill, a public service bill, or a current lease can be used as proof of residence.

If the family qualifies to transfer, they must find a unit in another housing authority’s jurisdiction. The unit the family selects must meet Rent Reasonableness for the housing authority’s area and within the voucher payment standard for which the family is eligible. Remember, Section 8 families are now responsible for paying no more than 40 percent of their annual adjusted income towards rent. HACSL has a minimum rent of $50.00.

After finding a unit in another city, the family must contact their Section 8 Case Manager to obtain the necessary paperwork to transfer their Section 8 assistance to the new location. The family will need to schedule an appointment with the other housing authority in order to turn in the family’s transfer papers from HACSL to that housing authority. The other housing authority may have different procedures than HACSL, and the family will need to follow their procedures. The family may also need to supply the other housing authority with additional paperwork. The family will be responsible for supplying the other housing authority any paperwork that they deem necessary. Once the family transfers to another housing authority, the family is under their policies and procedures and must comply with them.