Resident Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency (ROSS)


What Is The ROSS Program?

The Resident Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency Program (ROSS) is a program to support residents in increasing their earned income and moving towards economic and housing self-sufficiency.

ROSS is a free program available to all households in the Kearns, Academy Park, Hunter Hollow, Granger, Cyprus Park and Westlake Public Housing communities for low-income households owned and managed by the Housing Authority of the County of Salt Lake.

ROSS staff work directly with residents to support them in their education, employment and self-sufficiency goals.  The program relies on partnerships with community organizations that assist families in accessing services that will increase their quality of life.  These services could include parenting classes, ESL classes, life skills classes and many others.


A Family Enrolled In The ROSS Program Can Expect To Receive:

  • A plan specifically tailored to their family or individual goals.
  • A link to community organizations geared towards education, job training and placement programs, computer and financial literacy, and increased self-sufficiency.
  • An advocate and supporter to help residents work through barriers preventing self-sufficiency.


Goals Of The ROSS Family Services Program:

  • Increase residents’ skills.
  • Help residents increase income.
  • Help residents increase work related skills.
  • Help residents obtain and maintain employment.
  • Increase residents’ participation in socialization activities.
  • Increase residents’ participation in work related activities.
  • Build community.