Prevention Programs for Parents

The prevention programs for parents offered through a partnership between Housing Opportunities, Inc. and the Housing Authority of the County of Salt Lake (HACSL) are designed to educate parents about the life skills needed to raise children who will become outstanding members of the community in adulthood.  These programs are free to all parents living in HACSL subsidized housing.  The program includes “Parents as Teachers” for parents with children age 0-3 and “Smoke Free Homes” which educates all parents how to create a healthy living environment for the children.  Please see below for more information about these programs.  To participate in these programs, please contact Cassandra Meyers by phone at (801) 284-4441 or by e-mail at

Housing Opportunities, Inc. offers the Parents as Teachers (PAT) program to families with children ages 0-3 who are receiving some form of housing subsidy from the Housing Authority of the County of Salt Lake (HACSL).  Priority services are given to teenage mothers.

PAT is an international parent education and home visiting program identified as a model program by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).  Acknowledging that parents are their children’s first and most influential teachers, PAT’s primary goal is to help all families lay a strong foundation for their child’s optimal development.

The PAT program provides four components of service to families:

  1. Personal Visits – These visits are usually held in the family’s home where a certified parent educator helps parents understand each stage of their child’s development.  Parent educators use the PAT Born To Learn Curriculum to offer practical ideas on ways to encourage learning and interact with their children.
  2. Group Meetings – Through parent group meetings, parents have the opportunity to enhance their parenting knowledge, gain new insights and share their experiences, common concerns and success.
  3. Screenings – The PAT program offers regular child screenings (at least annually) for overall development, health, hearing and vision.  This provides early detection of potential problems and prevents later difficulties in school.  Parent educators can conduct these screenings.  If problems are detected, the family is referred to DDI Vantage for further screenings.
  4. Linkage to a Community Resource Network – Families are helped to access other community services that are beyond the scope of the Parents as Teachers Program.

Housing Opportunities, Inc. is pleased to provide the Parents as Teachers Program free of charge to participants through generous support from funding partner Salt Lake County Division of Substance Abuse.


During the 2007-2008 program year, Housing Opportunities, Inc. offered the Smoke Free Homes program to 100 low-income families living in housing subsidized by the Housing Authority of the County of Salt Lake.  Smoke free homes is a health education program which teaches parents the negative health impact of second hand smoke on children.  Parents choosing to participate in this program are asked to sign a voluntary pledge to keep their homes and vehicles smoke free.  Last year, participating families attended an end of year celebration that included dinner, certificates, and a personal congratulation from the Deputy Mayor of Salt Lake County.

Housing Opportunities, Inc. is pleased to provide Smoke Free Homes free of charge to participants through generous support from funding partner Utah Tobacco Prevention and Control.